Over the past 5 years I have had the privilege/burden of trying to capture Totally Unicorn in action while evading flying beers, elbows and bellies in the loudest, sweatiest workplace imaginable! So to mark this momentous milestone we discuss 5 of my favourite Totally Unicorn images with the Unicorns themselves.

5. Slaz crowdsurfing during Norma Jean
“We had just finished a wild set supporting one of our fave bands. I was drunk when we were playing, so I was real fucking drunk by the time Norma Jean hit the stage. All it took was ‘Deathbed Atheist’ to kick off, and I was amongst it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t actually remember a whole lot about this. One thing I’m certain of, I was drinking at the Golden Barley, ear fucking the shit out of Norma Jean till the early hours of the next morning. Great times.”


4. Drew becomes the Unicorn
“I don’t really remember where or how I got this unicorn mask. It is an improvement from my own head though…”


3. Beer in ya jocks
“I love it when the crowd gets involved with the live antics. But feeling the flow of booze inside your underwear and down your leg…. It’s just a waste of good beer.”


2. Piggyback with a lunatic
“I thought it was how I was going to die! Falling off the shoulders of a really happy beardless man, face planting into a fold back, my guitar feeding back as my brain rolls onto the beer soaked floor from my gaping open skull and some drunk arseholes foot mashes it into the carpet…”


1. Large man on a window sill
“In celebration of my birthday and Mike’s farewell to the land of wine, we played a special show at the Vic on the Park.
Seeing some of the local patrons standing outside dart-ing on, I decided to venture out the front of the venue, sit on the window and finish the song from outside. People flicked their ciggies out. I think I ruined their quiet time….”

Check out footage here!