4th September 2012

On Sunday 26th August a motley crew of locals, musicians and music lovers gathered at Sydney Park to make some noise about their beloved Sando Hotel. A number of Sando legends took to the stage including: Kill Appeal, Bloody Kids, Day of The Meerkat, Chuck’s Wagon, Dom Turner’s Supro, Jessimine (Nitocris), Spaceticket, Dave Tice Band, Doc Neeson and The Shouties. Following the concert in the park Doc lead the 3,000+ crowd as they marched up King St, reclaiming the street.

The crowd waved banners, sang songs and flashed vintage t shirts to those stuck in the ensuing traffic jam.

As the crowd reached the Sando they were greeted by a flatbed truck with an all star lineup featuring members of Choirboys, Rose Tattoo, Angles and AC/DC playing a host of pub rock favourites. Highlight was Doc leading the chant of “am ever gonna bank with you again….”

For those who participated this day will love long in their memories as a day when they celebrated the rich history of this venue, joined together and showed the corporate bullies that they would not be pushed around.

It’s now been nearly two weeks and the hotel sale date is rapidly approaching. A lot has been going on behind the scenes to prevent this; the rally and SOS campaign have made national print and TV, been splashed all over social media and have been making some famous and powerful friends. After all this noise CBA are now finally listening.

There will be some crucial negotiations this week which will either result in one hell of a party or taking the fight to the next level. We can only hope its the former.

You can check out more pics from the day at: http://fromthepit.com.au/save-our-sando-march/