27th September, 2012

What does Skullsquadron mean?

Skullsquadron is just a good name for a gang. It’s derived from a Robotech cartoon, they were some badass pilots. There’s been a lot of plane imagery in the past as a result.

Your sound is pretty unique, as imaginatively as possible try to describe it?

It’s the sound of grown ups letting themselves be kids – knowing what they know as adults. There’s a familiarity and nostalgia there too. A new nostalgia if you will.

Fave venue to play?

I really like serial space. It’s got a warehouse meets art gallery vibe. It’s like being in a film clip sometimes. And I hate film clips. Ha.

Fave band to play with?

Ramps, those guys are the best. We did get to play with Built to Spill once which was kinda cool.

Which venue will you know you’ve made it when you headline?

Wembley would be badass. We like to play as loudly as possible.

Who would play the 3 of you in a Skullsquadron tele movie?

Chevy Chase, Martin Short & Steve Martin. Wait can we swap Martin Short for a Stripes era Bill Murray?

Do you have a title in mind for your debut album?

We’re sold on “sinking the ghostship”