25th September, 2012

Melbourne alt rockers Sydonia recently completed a 3 week tour up the east coast to promote new DP “Waiting for words that don’t exist”. With an expanding fan base, commanding live act and imminent new album 2013 could prove to be Sydonia’s year. Having completed his daily domestics I caught up with bassist/vocalist Adam Murray.

How did you guys get together?

Dana and myself met in Queensland playing in various bands and eventually got together. We decided if we were going to make it we had to move to Melbourne where Sam and Sean joined us and we have had this lineup for 8 years. Just cruising along.

What is “Sydonia”?

It comes from some NASA conspiracy movie we were all watching one day. There was a part where they talk about this spot on Mars called Cydonia which has the same longitude and latitude as the pyramids on Earth. It was just this cool, weird place on Mars. So we changed the c to an s and there you go..

Who are your favourite bands to tour with?

Um there’s been a few, the international bands we don’t get to hang out and really bond with as much as the local bands. We have toured with Dead Letter Circus a few times, they are really cool dudes. I would have to say my favourites have been Beggars Orchestra (Sydney band who joined Sydonia on the recently completed tour). They are just so cool and professional, great to tour with.

The Sydonia van is on the road, you’re the co-pilot, what are the next 5 albums you will play? Go!

Gorija – “L’Enfant Sauvage” the finger tap wrist is really cool. Steel Panther – “Feel the Steel” an absolute classic. Isis – “Panopticon” epic. Beggars Orchestra – “And the crows will come” been flogging our tour mates new disc. Mighty Boosh – radio shows

Also Dana loves his talking books, we played one I think “History of all things” you just put it on and trip out {I think Adam means “A short history of nearly all things”}

You guys are very hands on managing yourselves etc, is that a conscious decision?

Not really, it’s just how it turned out. We would love to get more help, but its like if you want something done you have to do it yourself. Sam has always been good with the management and promotion side. We have just signed to “Blue Pie” label {Sydney based mainly country, some indie artists} who are going to help us out with a few things. Its hard to get time for everything we need to do to move forward as we all have day jobs.

Is it true Dana is a gardener?

Yes – Dana and Sam are both gardeners, Sean is a draftsman and I work in spare parts.

“My hearts a drum” – please explain?

Man I don’t know, you’d have to ask Dana about that. It really went off at Annandale. Yeah Annandale was one of the highlights of the last tour, some of those singalongs, you could barely hear Dana. We were rapt with the reception we received.

Most annoying band mate?

Sam, he’s just a weirdo. But he would probably say the same about me.

Major influences?

As a kid Alice Cooper first got me into heavy music, then old stuff like Hendrix, Doors, Floyd, Bowie (we used to cover Ziggy Stardust but in a heavy style) early Metallica. Slipknot and Korn were massive and Soulfly, that percussion wow. We are all pretty varied: Dana loves Floyd and Pumpkins, Sam is into Janes and Chili’s, Sean I dunno some weird obscure Euro metal bands. We also dig “Red Bee” they are from Katoomba, they have a new album out soon you should check them out.

Do you guys have plans for the festival circuit?

Yeah definitely. Soundwave would be our dream but its so hard for local bands to get on, apparently AJ has stated you need to be pulling atleast 2,000 punters a night for him to even look at you. BDO even though it’s really changed would be awesome too. To get in on the festivals we need a new album, we dropped the EP as the album is taking so long to record.

Well good luck mate, see you at SW14!