We recently came across an unexploited gem – the abandoned Zig Zag rail line in the Blue Mountains and rather than wait until it had been destroyed we decided to go investigate.

Myself and like minded photographers Illustro and Dan set off at midday on Friday. On the way we drove through some very heavy smoke from back burning in Katoomba, which was creating some interesting light. As we drove on the smoke cleared and sadly we did not have this magical light at our destination rather clear blue skies.

How to get there?

It’s in the Blue Mountains – that’s all I can tell you. If you want exact directions hit up subscribe on my website and then send me an email.

Zig Zag Railway

The Zig Zag Railway was opened in 1869 and originally was only one line which required reversing. The subsequent accidents lead to a top line being built (which is where we visited). Due to safety concerns and bush fire damage the line was closed in 2012 and has remained disused.


No 1 Viaduct

Once we reached our destination we jumped onto the train lines and hiked in. We encountered a few carriages along the way which are surprisingly largely in tact with some graffiti as well as an old decaying tractor, giving the feeling that workers on this line had literally downed tools and walked away. There is also an abandoned station, station masters off and the end of the line – the train line leads to rock wall. However it is the split bridges which we came for and after many distractions we eventually got to. We watched the sun set from the top level bridge as the golden light bathed the mountains and slowly disappeared. Walking back along the track our eyes slowly adjusted and soon realised that if you kick the rocks on the track they generate sparks. There is much to investigate on the track and we didn’t even get to the tunnel, we will be back with torches!